Ahaggar Mountains

Ahaggar (Al-Hadżdżar, Dżibal al-Hukkar, Hoggar) – mountain range in the central Sahara (southern Algeria), which forms a shield in the northern part of the African platform.

Built mainly of Precambrian crystalline slate, conglomerate and gneiss repeatedly corrugated and wypiętrzanych. It consists of numerous groups of aligned mountain plateaus, above which rise the cones of extinct volcanoes. The massif is cut by a dense network of dry valleys (wadi). Highest peak – 2918 m above sea-level Tahat

In the area of ​​nomadic breeding of camels, sheep and goats.

Since 1987, part of the massif is protected under the Ahaggar National Park (fr. Parc National de l’Ahaggar), an area of ​​about 380 thousand. ha. In the park discovered several prehistoric rock paintings.

Ahaggar Mountains (or Hoggar) in Algeria are at the heart of the Sahara, ok.1500 km south of Algiers. Rise to a height of 303 m above sea-level (top Tahat). Grow from the rocky plateau, reaching 2000 m. Ahaggar massif is built of rock population of 2 million years and is part of the old bearing rock of the African continent.

Some of the peaks are volcanic plugs, or solidified lava, volcanoes obstructive holes. Over the years, volcanoes have outer layers of water and wind erosion, leaving only the studs, protruding above the pink granite plateau.

The highest of strangely shaped peaks is Ilamen height of 2670 meters above sea level.