Alborz, in literature English-speaking Alburz or Alborz – a mountain range on the Iranian Plateau in northern Iran, stretching from the border with Armenia, along the southern shore of the Caspian M., to the borders with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. The highest peak is 5,670 m above sea-level counting Demawend.

Alborz is a barrier between the pool and the central Caspian Iran. Wypiętrzył during the Alpine orogeny, although the core is older. Built mainly of sandstones and limestones.

On the slopes of the northern forests of oak and beech, on the southern – dry steppes. From the mountains of those located at the foot of Tehran draws water through a network of underground water.

With a long and full of snow winters, Alborz is a good region for skiing. The best-known centers are Dizin, Szemszak, Darbandsar and lying in Tehran Toczal.

Maritime and land borders of Iran are secured almost the entire length of the mountain. Magnificent, snow-cone Demawend (5604 m), which is of negligible activity of the volcano, is the most famous, and also the highest peak in the Alborz mountains – masywaie length of 900 km, lying south of the Sea Kaspojskiego and running through the territory of northern Iran.

Demawendzie mention can be found in many Iranian legends, and some believe that the biblical Flood settled on the Ark of Noah.

On its northern slopes are mainly beech and oak. South side, due to lack of rainfall (280-500 mm per year only), is devoid of organic life. The Alborz Mountains Caspian tigers once lived, which now are rare. You can also find snow leopards and lynx.