Babia Góra

Babia Góra is a mountain range lying in the band Babiogórski Beskidy Mountains in the Western Beskid Mountains. This is the highest peak in the Polish part of Beskid Mountains. It belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains.

Since time immemorial, Babia Góra was regarded as the seat of various ghouls and witches. Apparently one of them, called Baba prevented willing ascent. And because the Babia Góra was famous for its numerous peaks, many adventurers wanted to count them. Unfortunately, Baba was unyielding. One evening, when they saw a few hikers who have to rate the summit fell asleep around the fire with blankets nakrytymi heads, and said loudly: “I ​​went already twelve vertices of the mountain, and yet something so strange I could not see.” Then he walked away terrified. He heard one of the conquerors, and in the morning the whole group, satisfied with the information acquired by chance, she could return to their homes.

Today, tourists can deter untrained only steep approach. But it is worth the trouble to ask, because views offered from the top reward dedication.

Babia Góra is the highest elevation in Poland. The apex Diablak has a height of 1725 meters above sea level. This is reflected in the occurrence of floors landscape. In addition to the so-called vegetation. lower and upper montane one can see mountain pine floor and alpine meadows, called halls.

In order to protect natural and landscape values ​​of the slopes of the Babia Góra Babia Góra National Park was created, the first of our mountain parks has been placed on the list of UNESCO world biosphere reserve.