Badlands, badlandy (in English literally bad land) – upland areas, mainly in the dry climate zone and semi-dry, with poor vegetation. They are characterized by strong fragmentation (especially in the edge portion) through a network of deep ravines, formed by a process of periodic flushing during heavy rains. Rainwater erosion activity within the substrate poorly scementowanego also leads to the formation of various isolated forms of land – island mountains, needles, mountains and other witnesses. Bleakness of this land, unfavorable surface, poor accessibility, et al. decide on the limited capabilities of their management.

An example of badlands is the southwestern part of the state of South Dakota, where a large proportion of such areas are protected within the Badlands National Park, as well as in North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

This land of jagged mountain ranges, deep gorges, narrow, flat ended hills and desert, which seems to stretch endlessly, very aptly named – Badlands (Badlands). Both the Sioux and Europeans gave to this area in their respective languages ​​of the same name. It lies in south-western Dakota and northwestern Nebraska (USA). There is extremely hot.

Badlands plateau began to form about 80 million years ago. This area was the bottom of shallow sea with an area of ​​15 500 km ².

Uplift that about 65 million years ago formed the Rocky Mountains, also increased the this area. Water, flowing, washed off the top layer of soil and some rocks. Preces erosion continues – Vampire Peak peak is reduced by 15 cm per year.