Country: French Polynesia
Reservoir: Pacific Ocean
Area: 38 sq km
Population (2002)
• population: 7 295
• density: 192 persons / km ²

Bora-Bora – island in the Pacific Ocean, coral atoll surrounding the volcanic cone, in French Polynesia, Islands In The Wind in the Society Islands archipelago, northwest of Tahiti.

Inhabited by Polynesians, who settled here centuries ago and left after them, ruins of temples and carvings. The island is home to approximately 5 000 permanent inhabitants, its surface is about 44 km2.

On the island there are two peaks: Pahia (661 m) and 727 m above sea level Otemanu, and there are two smaller islands reefs.

Discovered by Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen in 1722 and later in 1769 flowed past, anchored in 1777, English navigator and explorer James Cook. Europe’s first resident was a castaway from the whaling ship James Connor in 1792.

Since 1845, the island became part of French Polynesia. During the Second World War in Bora Bora was a U.S. naval base and land, with six thousand soldiers. Today the island is an important tourist center and a culture of black pearls.

Bora-Bora served as the prototype of the American writer James Michenerowi to describe the idyllic island in the book Tales of the South Pacific, it also treats the American musical Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific in 1949.

American novelist James A. Michener called Bora-Bora in the Society Islands archipelago, “the most beautiful island in the world” and put in its setting his novel “South Pacific”, which was later converted to a musical. Many people think that the Bora-Bora is a paradise on earth. The first settlers came here from the south-east Asia 2,000 years ago.

In the middle of the island rise to residues of the volcano with two peaks. Mount Otemanu, now with a height of 725 m, once rose to the height of 5400 m above sea level later eruptions destroyed the summit. This long-extinct wylkan now overgrown dense, green forest. Spreads around the island in August turquoise lagoon, separated from the sea, sandy Mierzeja. All this is bound with a ring of coral reef, sandy islands, called motus.