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Lake Retba

The French name of the lake is Lac Rose (Pink Lake), and not without reason has been attributed to this akwenowi. Waters of the lake have a pink color that is particularly clear during the dry season.

Lake lies to the east of the capital Dakar, Senegal, and the most southernmost point of Africa to the west of Cape Verde. Waters of the lake changes its color depending on the intensity of incident sunlight. It is believed that the pink color of micro-organisms are responsible, and a high concentration of minerals in the surrounding soils, mainly chlorine and minerals.

Lake Retba like its counterpart in Australia, the lake is very salty Hillier and separated from the ocean only a narrow strip of dunes a few hundred meters. This is due to the fact that in ancient times the lake was small coves, which, by the applied sand was cut off from the open water area. As a result of evaporating seawater, seawater salinity growth followed, until the present level, which in the lake Retba is 38%, or about the same as the salinity of the Dead Sea.

The lake is still African mined salt, and the manner of delivery has not changed for years and is passed down from generation to generation. The whole process starts from the bottom grab the Pink Lake salty sludge. It is then transported to the shore, where salt is washed and dried in the sun. After drying, the salt forms a dense shell, which must be crushed. Finally ready to sell salt Piles left behind in small mounds.

Another interesting fact is that in the vicinity of the lake was often finish the Dakar Rally, the largest in the world and the most difficult challenges for the field of professional drivers, as well as for amateurs. The location of the finish was primarily dictated by the huge popularity enjoyed by Pink Lake, and the proximity of the dunes and the beach, where he played out the last stage.