Planning Your 2021 Luxury Vacation Early

Perhaps, you expected 2020 to be the year of out of the ordinary vacation. You already pictured how you would be laying under the palm tree sipping Margarita somewhere on Isla de Sa Ferradura, or discovering the beauties of the Alps and conquering ski slopes in Zermatt in Switzerland.

However, because of the pandemic you could hardly boast of breathtaking traveling sensations in 2020. But it doesn’t mean that 2021 would be the same. Don’t stop dreaming and planning your 2021 vacation because of the unprecedented events that kicked 2020. Even though the way we travel might change, one thing will remain — your desire to have a luxury vacation in a completely new spot and gain new traveling experiences.

That is why we have carefully selected top luxury holiday destinations for 2021 that would impress even an avid adventure seeker.

Santorini, Greece

Have you ever been to Santorini, also known as Fira, an island wrapped by the waves of the Aegean Sea? Its narrow streets, numerous arches and cozy local houses will leave an unforgettable impression in your mind, not to mention the boundless sea, the rocky black beaches, and other breathtaking sceneries.

If you plan to get to Santorini in 2021, you can check Santorini Luxury Villas of premium quality. These villas create an impeccable setting for a perfect honeymoon, family getting-together, wedding, or just an escape from the routine of everyday life.

Santorini is a place where you can find a villa to meet any taste. When picking luxury villas for next summer, you’ll find cozy and private summer homes with a jacuzzi for a romantic weekend. You are also offered gorgeous houses for any number of travelers with an area of more than 200 sq. m, five or more bedrooms, and an enormous private outdoor area.

Banwa Private Island, the Philippines

Are you ready for an indecently expensive gateway in the Philippines? What about getting to the most highly-priced resort in the world? Banwa Private Island that is located on the coast of Palawan is a perfect place to say goodbye to $100,000 for one night for the posh setting it provides. It can host up to 48 guests at a time offering twelve garden rooms, six stylish beachfront villas, and one residential suite at the highest point of the island. Each villa has its infinity pool, jacuzzi by the water’s edge, and butler services.

The island is notable for its restaurant serving veggies and fruits grown in their field and fresh seafood from their region. It also offers unlimited spa sessions at no extra charge. There are many options for active pastimes — scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, catamaran, yoga, golf, and tennis. But if you would like to laze beside the pool, bless your heart. The support staff will ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable gateway.

Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India

If you would like to make an unbelievable stay when going to the Himalayas, the Wildflower Hall should be your destination. It sits among the landscape high in the mountains amid forests that have almost been untouched by humans. Refreshing mountain air and breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayas will make a lasting impression on you, just like the interior and exterior of the hotel.

Each luxurious room features a garden or mountain view through big picture windows. You’ll be surrounded with antique furniture, wood panels adorned with ancient-like artwork, a welcoming lounge, and a library with a worthy read.

The hotel has heated inside and outside pools, a spa, a fitness center, and other recreation facilities to offer a variety of leisure activities, all complemented by outstanding service.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, Tokyo, Japan

Japan, namely Tokyo, is becoming an attractive spot for tourists because it offers unique experiences you probably won’t find anywhere in the world. Being a melting pot of Japanese ancient civilization and Western modernity, it’s one of the best destinations for those tourists who would like to get to know Asian traditions without compromising the convenience of their life.

If you are a fan of active rest, you’ll get plenty of options because Tokyo is surrounded by diverse sceneries. In case you are more of an urban dweller, this city will surprise you with modern technology, architecture under their unique Japanese cultural sauce. No matter what type of rest you prefer, you’ll want to come back to a luxury place that would make you feel like home.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is a perfect place to stay. The architecture and interior design will make a lasting impression on you. It has spacious deluxe and luxe rooms with big picture windows overlooking the city. Each room is equipped with a coffee machine, flat-screen TV, minibar, electric kettle, a coffee machine, a personal locker, and a fridge.

The facilities include a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, on-site parking, restaurants. In case you need to get money in the local currency, the front desk offers currency exchange.

Conservatorium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you have plans to explore Europe, Amsterdam might become a perfect spot. Apart from being the capital city of the Netherlands, it’s also known for being the “Venice of the North” because of the numerous canals. It’s also the place of coffee shops, 17th-century architecture, museums, and an active nightlife.

Your pastime might vary drastically in Amsterdam: from visiting museums to partying hard in night clubs. But staying at Conservatorium is what should be a constant if you appreciate luxurious leisure. It’s located close to the main attractions of the city and combines historical architecture with modern design to bring comfort and aesthetic satisfaction to its guests.

All 129 rooms and suites are equipped with cutting-edge technology. They feature gorgeous linen, brushed-oak flooring, large shower cubicles, marble tubs, and more. All guests could make use of the hotel’s Akasha Holistic Wellbeing with free access to massages, sauna, swimming pool, and recreation areas.

The final word

We’ve just dwelled on the best and the most luxurious spots for your vacation in 2021. Our list includes traveling ideas for any taste: from isolated private islands near the sea to hotels located in mountains or city centers.

It’s wise of you to be planning your holidays ahead. And we hope they come true without any delays.