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Colca Canyon and Valley of the Volcanoes

Colca Canyon in the Peruvian Andes, looks like it was cut with a giant knife. This is the deepest gorge in the world. White snow-capped peaks, often hidden in the clouds grow 3.2 km above the valley floor. Colca river, wild and muddy in the rainy season, winds its way among the extinct volcanoes scattered along the valley floor.

Over the mountains Colca canyon extends 64-mile Valley of Volcanoes, where there are 86 volcanic cones. Some of them reach a height of almost 300 m.

Some grow out of fields at the basis of other accumulated a solidified lava. some cones grow cacti, others are completely bare. Between the volcanoes and the Valley is filled with boulders Pacufikiem, hot, sandy ravine, called the Toro Muerto.

Colca Canyon – Colca canyon in Arequipa region in Peru. It is located about 100 km northwest of the city of Arequipa.

Canyon, whose walls rise from left to over 3200 m above river level, while the right – at 4200 m, according to some sources, considered the deepest canyon on earth, (which is two times deeper than the Grand Canyon in the U.S.). The canyon has a length of 120 kilometers. The difference in level between the inlet (3050 m asl) and the outlet (950 m) is 2100 m. The bottom of the canyon like a lunar landscape, covered with boulders and devoid of any vegetation.

The first canoe was crossing the canyon in 1981. This is what the Poles: Andrew Pietowski (expedition leader) and Peter Chmieliński – kayakers, George Majcherczyk – pontoon captain Jacek Bogucki – filmmaker, Zbigniew Bzdak – photographer from Cracow AGH kayak club “Bystrze” during the expedition canoe Canoandes ’79, was inscribed in 1984 year to the Guinness Book of Records. Participants of the expedition gave the Colca Canyon in a few names, then approved by the Geographical Institute of Peru, such as waterfalls John Paul II, Poles and Canyon Chocolate Canyon. Participants of the expedition but failed to penetrate the upper part of the canyon about 20 km long, called Cruz del Condor. Rio Colca River rapidly breaking down on the rocks of the upper section is where the water level is too low, so it was not possible at this point use a kayak or pontoon.

In August 2008, another Polish expedition, organized by members of the Academic Gliwice Touring Club “Vatra”, traveled part of the canyon from the bridge linking the Madrigal-Pinchollo to bivouac in front of a waterfall Polonia. Discovered hot springs (named after the club Watra AKT) and the waterfall Polonia. At the same time, the same part of the canyon has come a group of Polish-American-Peruvian Colca Condor 2008 under the leadership of George Majcherczyk.

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