Chocolate Hills

If you believe in the legend told by the inhabitants of the island of Bohol in the Philippines, located in the hills round the island is cantrum Arogo giant tears, who poured it, when his beloved named Aloy, not odwzajemniwszy its feelings, fell ill and died.

Another legend says that the two giants clashed in battle, heaved the stones. And when both are tired, resigned and left the island together.

These are just stories, but we can not exactly explain how it developed, this group of hills. They are built of limestone and present shape could obtain as a result of millions of years the process of the mineral leaching by rain. However, differ fundamentally from other forms of this type, probably because they have no system of caves and underground passages, usually found in limestone areas.

The Hills (in total there are 1268) rise up tightly next to one another, like stacks of hay in the meadow. Some are oval, the other conical. Are unevenly covered with grass, which in the rainy season is pale green. In the dry season, which lasts from February to March, the hot sun dries it and then takes on the color of chocolate brown. The color of the hill just owe their name.