Death Valley – the area of ​​outflow of depression in the Mojave Desert in southern California. The lowest point is 86 m below sea level, acting in the greatest depression in the Western Hemisphere. Depression was formed in the Tertiary Rift Valley. Valley surrounded by huge mountain range with its highest peak Panamint Telescope Peak 3368 m and Amargosa mountain range. Tropical climate, dry, with rainfall not exceeding 50 mm per year (in some years no rain at all). The driest place America and one of the hottest places on Earth where 10 July 1913 the temperature reached 56.7 ° C (134 ° F). This is a record heat for North America. Rivers are periodic (Salt Creek, Furnace Creek). Slightly salty lake called Badwater has a very unusual fauna.

In 1933 he was proclaimed a national monument to the USA, and in 1994 a national park.

  • Area – 8374 km ²
  • Length – 225 km
  • Width – from 8 to 25 km
  • The lowest point – 86 m below sea level, Badwater pond bottom

Death Valley is a deep strip of desert stretching to the south-eastern California (USA). This is the hottest and most dry area in North America, and its lowest point (82 m bsl) is the largest reduction in the Americas. Rocks, with sparkling in the sunlight like a rainbow minerals make this area is stunningly beautiful. Its age is estimated at one million years.

50 thousand. years ago, this area was flooded with waters of Lake Manly. About 3 thousand. years ago in Death Valley was still a shallow lake. When the water evaporated from it, the bottom layer of salt remained, creating a visible crust today. Even when the area will drop a little rain, the water evaporates, the solution is absorbed into the soil.