Great Masurian Lakes

It’s throw on the tape. Only recognized as one of the seven world wonders of nature Masuria protect against damage. Now they are an oasis of wildlife.

Naming the land of a thousand lakes Mazur is unjust; lakes is much more.
The heart and also the most attractive part of Mazur is Masurian Lake District, situated in the middle. The whole landscape is slightly older than the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge UK. About 10 thousand years ago, melting glaciers leave behind a string of hills. Melting ice water flushed into the deep gutter. In the wider hollows remained ice, which melted over time.

The uniqueness of Great Masurian Lakes lies in the fact that it is richly endowed by nature and culture, and at the same intensively used by the Recreational. Other European lake districts are on medication or monuments (like Finnish) or nature (such as Mecklenburg), or both (which could be enough for all the lakes Balaton).

And as far as peacefully coexist in peace advocates wypatrywania rare birds, lying on the beach, contemplating the old walls, mushrooming, fishing, swimming silently under sail, or an infernal noise (there are those, and it does not so few, for which the engine roar alone is an attraction in itself.) And even to this are the farmers, foresters and fishermen, with their own interests, not necessarily coincide with tourists.

Sailors and motorowodniacy to the lake, over 500 square kilometers panes of water. Some of them are totally excluded, however, that nature reserves, among others. Łuknajno lake.

Edges are divided among themselves on the beaches wylegujący, peeping wędkujący and intimate life of nature. Ekoturyści here are countless habitats cormorants, swans, Great Crested Grebe, the black stork, black kite, golden eagle, sea eagle, capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, otter, lynx, wolf, turtle, moose and many species of bats and insects.

Anglers are in the lakes, but also in clean rivers Masurian brave salmon, trout, grayling, powerful and cunning sum of sows. Mushroom – porcini and chanterelle abundance. Canoeists – beautiful running trails and numerous rivers, lakes and canals. Sailors and motorowodniacy – several large lakes with cozy harbors, like Santa Claus, Gizycko whether Ruciane-Nida.

Supporters admire the traces of the past have Teutonic castles in Barcianach, Gizycko, Ketrzyn Nidzica, Ryn, Węgorzewo, Dzialdowo, palaces in Sztynort, Sorkwity, Brzeznica Kałkach, Nakomiadach, Drogoszach, fortress and swing bridge in Giżycko rentals Hitler and Himmler, headquarters Wehrmacht, forester Galczynski laundry, viaducts in Stańczyki, the battlefield of Tannenberg, hundreds of historic cemeteries, the wildlife park in Kadzidłowo, Wolisko bison reserve, sailing village in Mikolajki, Mrongoville western town, the Museum of the Earth Mazury in flock, the pyramid in Rapa, Old Believers monastery and church in Wojnowo. And of course the legendary treasure buried somewhere in the Russian army in the Masurian forests. To Masuria were not destroyed as the city around, protected them in different ways. It Mazury Landscape Park (40 000 ha), protecting, among others. Lake Mamry and Maui are protected landscape areas, many areas of Natura 2000, over one hundred and thousands of reserves, nature monuments.

And of course the lake: the biggest in Poland, Maui (113.8 km ²), Mamry (105 km ², but it contains the most water, 1.0126 or 1.0126 billion cubic kilometer cubic meters), the longest in Poland Jeziorak (27 km) and Niegocin, Orzysz, Jagodne, Talty, and others. Besides, most lakes are composed of smaller ones.

And what makes Masuria are on the verge of destruction? Well, those who come to get enough of their beauty. Now two of their group, and quadowcy motorowodniacy. The roar of powerful engines, caused by rapid unit, waves, zryta litter, broken bushes, air and water pollution, aggressive behavior of a large part of this group makes the lakes and forests are disappearing as more vulnerable species and the part of tourists who do not suffer from such conditions. Much of the sailors have already reached. Almost all do not count the money, and come to one or a few days to intensively “rest” because you have to watch or interest, or to collect tribute.

Just to be changed fashion, and the vast majority of them will be within a few days and Masuria be saved. It can also help you move to ban motorboats and personal watercraft on the waters and to lay trails for quad. Hungary introduced a ban on Lake Balaton and strictly enforce it, and have hundreds of thousands of tourists, not just local, but especially from Austria, Germany, Britain and Russia.