Morskie Oko

It is one of the most visited places in the Polish Tatras. Gathers crowds of tourists who began to arrive here early in the nineteenth century. Located in Valley Stream Fish-at the height of 1395 meters above sea level in glacial trough on the north side is closed moraine embankment.

Widely recognized as the largest Tatra lake area 34.5 ha, or – according to other calculations – 34.9 ha. Its length is about 862 m and a width of about 566 m. According to some sources, the surface gives way to Morskie Oko Great pond in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds.

The maximum depth is 50.8 Morskie Oko meters. Water has a green color, and opacity reaches 11-14 meters. This easily can be noted here that live trout.

Stocking the tank – the only case in our Tatra Mountains – is natural. It also once inhabited the salmon pipelining. Perhaps this explains the former name: Fish Pond.

With the current involves a legend that says that the lake has a subterranean connection to the Adriatic. Apparently, throwing waves past the remains of sunken ships and deep vein great sea fish.