Rysy are located in the main ridge of the High Tatras. Its height is 2499 m above sea-level and they are highest peak lying in our country. The top is a three-vertical, the other two lie side wierchołki Slovak and their heights are respectively 2503 m and 2473 m m.p.m..

Scratches are part of the main ridge of the Tatras, which is the point of three tropical ridge. The first ridge extends from lilac and Świnicy Pass by Mięguszowiecka peaks, Beef Back to Rysy. The second comes from the top ridge Rysy in a southeasterly direction to the High. The third ridge is a ridge in the direction of the outgoing Low Rysy (2430 m) to Wyżniego Frog Peak.

The first known ascent made ​​July 20, 1840, Edward John Blasy guided Rumanom Diecznym senior, and first entry into the winter – with Jacob Theodor Wundt Horvayom 10 April 1884 year. In the 90s of the nineteenth century, the first entry Blasego plaque commemorated.

In 1899 the peak came Maria Sklodowska-Curie and her husband Pierre Curie, in 1913 Vladimir Lenin.

Rysy are now fairly besieged the summit, especially in the summer months, although the entrance from the Polish is a difficult trail, with very large exposures.

In 2000 he was started on the top border with Slovakia, which is open during the summer and is the highest border crossing in the whole Carpathians.

Rysy are a very good scenic place, on a clear day you can admire from the top of almost all the major peaks of the Tatra Mountains, several ponds, many valleys, the largest of which are: Mięguszowicka Valley, Valley Stream and Fish-White Water Valley.