Śnieżka has a height of 1602 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains and Sudety mountains, and also the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. The cone top is covered with rubble rock and rises over 200 m above the pass under the Black Sněžkou and Kopa.

Śnieżka has an extremely harsh climate, by a large part of the year the temperature drops below freezing.

In 1681, Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch built the chapel of St. Śnieżka. Lawrence, which offered the Cistercians. August 10 is celebrated the Feast of St. here. Lawrence, the patron of the guides. The chapel also hosts masses, it happens that while the Polish, Czech and German.

Characteristic base peak Meteorological Observatory is building and the hostel, which resembles the shape of flying saucers. It was built in the years 1967-1976 at the German observatory.

As the first summit in 1456 he entered the Czech Republic, burgher of Benatek nad Jizerou. Later, at the top of their way mostly scholars from the Silesia region. In place of the current Academic thatch shelters, permanent stall, which were commemorative book for travelers. In 1800 the book inscribed to John Quincy Adams, later president of the United States.

Śnieżka is an excellent vantage point, in good weather from the summit you can see almost the entire Sudeten, visibility reaches up to 100km.