Valley of Five Polish Ponds

Is an entirely situated above the upper limit of the forest circus big glacier with an area of ​​more than 7 square kilometers with a few side branches. Its main adornment is – contrary to its name-six joints: Front, Small, Big, Black, Tasks and a crop of eye; periodically appear in two more small rate.

Bare rocks and rough turn rising above the waters, as well as an interesting, albeit sparse vegetation, which consists mainly mosses, lichens and vast grasslands form a magnificent alpine landscape.

Front on the banks of Pond’s highest situated (1671 m) and one of the oldest shelters. Great Pond is the deepest (79.3 m), the most capacious (12 967 thousand. M³) and – according to some statistics – the largest (34.4 ha), pond. Zadniego Pond, also known as the Zadnim Pond Circle, will not find his eyes, he is at an altitude of 1890 meters above sea level (only 5 m below the Giewont!) and is the highest situated Polish pond.

Valley of Five Polish Ponds is a popular tourist destination. Marked trails lead from here, among others on Zawrat, Goat Peak, Krzyżne, Szpiglasową Pass to Morskie Oko and Roztoka Valley.