Waitomo Glowworm – cave situated in the North Island of New Zealand. Located in the southern part of the Waikato region, 12 km southwest of Te Kuiti. The cave is known populations occurring there, “glowing worms.” These pupae flies Arachnocampa Luminosa. Larval tail emits light, which allows her to lure victims. She lives in a fancy spider web, from which hang over the water sticky threads. Flies, attracted by the light, become entangled in the network, and then the glowing worms devour them.

Walking along the corridor, sparking with stalactites and stalagmites, we come to the underground lake in a large cavern. Hence the boat to take us to the heart of the cave, where no artificial lighting is used. When your eyes get used to the darkness now, we see more and more dots of light, until finally it seems that the whole cave glows. It is so clear that you can read the time on your watch.

The cave belongs to the system of caves Waitomo Caves. Waitomo Caves The caves also includes Ruakuri and Aranuri. The complex is located about 2 hours way from Auckland, 1 hour route from Hamilton and 2 hours way from Rotorua.